Saturday, February 9, 2013


Still don't have all the photos but here are some pals have sent us..

Friday, September 7, 2012

Night before wedding.....

Okay since there is no rehearsal/ rehearsal dinner and no official bachelor/bachelorette party we have decided to stick with carny theme and have our funtime pre-wedding stuff at the Oklahoma State Fair which is perfect (of course very dissapointed that Morris Day is playing night of wedding instead of that thur night cause that means I will miss seeing him!)
Seriously though... carnival/fair food, rides, the midway, their weird little mock sideshow things, I mean could you ask for more- haha   So there ya go, wanna be a part of the "rehearsal" dinner then go to the Oklahoma State Fair on Thursday Sept 20 from like 6p-10p or so and find us or meet up with us! They have have a Kareoke tent so.....

Motels and Hotels

Ok this is for folks coming from out of town. down by the airport on south meridian there are a whole bunch of motels and hotels reasonable in price. They run up and down south meridian from Interstate 40 to the Will Rogers Airport. All are just a 10-15 minute drive to our store and the wedding. While they are not the closest they are the best price as the close hotels are all in dowtown and are historical and high priced.
If you are coming from Tulsa there are also a few on NW Expressway that aren't bad and are within 10-15 minutes drive


Thursday, August 23, 2012


For those of you who haven't already, please remember to RSVP either through facebook or email . YOu technically have until Sept 15th to RSVP but we are starting the food planning so we would like to get an idea of how much will be needed. Thanks bunches!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Just handed off the latest list of addresses to our pal Sonja who has been so often to make and mail the invitations so some more folks should be receiving within the week. If you arent't sure if you have given us you rmailing address then email it to, which is also the place to RSVP if you haven't on facebook. The invites are pretty cool and have an illustration done by artist Jeff Higgins and graphic design by Sonja Schenkenstein. If you would like to see more of Jeff Higgins work check out and if you come to the wedding you get to meet miss Sonja and can see more of her work.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Did we mention the costume contest!

even though I am having a hard time with my own hunt for good digs , we are encouraging everyone ot have fun and dress up for this! We suggest carny or sideshow costume, vintage wear , a freakishly weird monster, or just something fun and glamorous. It isnt formal , we just want folks to have a great excuse to have fun and dress up..totally not required though , we are cool if you just show up nude too(haha I kid).
PLUS there is a costume contest with several catagories and awesome prizes ! whootwhoot. We will also try to create a homemade photobooth where folks can snap a shot or two and we will post our favorites on this blog and facebook. So get our there and get creative!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Stephanie Evans and Art Sunday: Wedding Registry Stephanie Evans and Art Sunday: Wedding Registry
Some said it would be the end of the world before either one of these two would ever get married....well the end is near according to some so what the heck let's have a big ol' party !

Invitations are on the way!...

Thanks to the fabulous Miss Sonja Schenkenstein the invitations have started arriving in folks mail boxes. If you haven's given us your snail mail address do so now and email so we can get ya one of the fancy smancy cards.
So that is underway along with the rest of the planning and we are working hard to pull together a funtastic event for our friends and family to have a monstrous good time and the best part is that so far we are proving the fact that you can pull together an awesome fun wedding without spending a years salary( heck we are doing it for less than a months salary!) Anyway we feel real lucky to have so many awesome friends that have been helping with making stuff and with the planning! yey!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming soon...... Please excuse our reconstruction of this page. It is being recycled as the page celebrating the nuptial celebration of Art Sunday and Stephanie Evans so...please stay tuned for more info!